Can I Add Personal Experience to a Narrative Essay? – Guide 2022


At some point throughout our academic careers, we have all written essays. Essay writing is one of the essential components of academics where it is typically taught in the very first grade. As the academic level increases, the complexity of the subjects and types of essays to write increases along the way. Every essay genre has a distinct structure and style which must be addressed appropriately.


Having excellent writing skills can help to produce flawless essays which is essential for academic writing. Unfortunately, despite its significance in academia, only a few can perfect this skill. Thankfully, there you have the option to access an essay writing service. These sites have their writing specialists ready to assist you with writing a proper and structured essay.



Moving on, the drafting of position papers is a talent that can only be acquired by continuous practice and repetition of the process of writing. In order to create convincing arguments for your essay, you must not only have great critical reading skills to investigate your position, but you must also have good writing abilities to synthesize your ideas compellingly and logically.


In the following section, you will be introduced to the narrative essays, how to construct them and what are the conventions in adding personal experiences within a narrative essay. 



A narrative essay is a kind of essay in which the whole story is centered on a single theme or key point. While writing a narrative essay, the essay writer makes sure that all the events, occurrences, and people in the story center around a single theme. As far as format is concerned, a narrative essay is comparable to a basic five-paragraph essay in which it follows the same structure. All that distinguishes it from other short stories is that it is a story with characters, events, and conversations.


Personal Narrative Essays

When writing a personal story essay, you should write about something that happened to you personally. In a personal narrative, you tell a tale about yourself, and excellent personal narrative essay themes include things you've done or the individuals you know, your responses to books or other literature, and many other possibilities.


Selecting Subject for Personal Narrative Essay

Finding an interesting subject for a personal story essay is the first step in learning how to write one. You must choose a subject that you are passionate about writing.

  1. Contemplate incidents in your life that might make for a compelling narrative. In your life, what tales do you have that always bring a smile to people's faces or amuse them?
  2. Think of a time when you gained knowledge through an experience that occurred to you. Personal story essays on learning experiences like these are very effective.
  3. Consider one or more memorable events you've had with a friend or family and how that event altered your connection with them.


Tips for Writing a Personal Essay That Has an Impact

When writing a personal essay, it is important to connect with the reader on an emotional level. Keep these suggestions in mind to make the most of your campaign's effect.

  1. Get to know your audience. Consider who will be reading your essay and how that person will be affected by it.
  2. Write in such a way that it has an emotional effect on the reader. For example, when I write my essay I try to add as much sensory and emotive detail as possible. Telling a narrative that is full of emotions, elicits an empathic reaction from the audience.
  3. Use vivid facts and images to convey your message. You will be able to visualize your tale better if you are as detailed as possible in your description.


Some Pointer to Note While Writing Personal Narrative Essay

  1. It is necessary to incorporate fascinating material engagingly while writing a superb narrative essay.
  2. Take a video of yourself narrating the tale. This will assist you in organizing your narrative and making the writing process more fluid.
  3. Anecdotes and conversations should be included in the essay. Consider the real words and actions of the characters in the tale.
  4. Transition words such as "hence," "although," and "for example" may be used to join sentences together.
  5. Make your sentences more intriguing by varying the structure of the sentences you write. Consider using some compound sentences, complicated sentences, or interrogative phrases in your composition.
  6. Use words that are vivid, detailed, engaging, energetic, emotive, and accurate to convey your message. Make an effort to communicate precisely what you want to convey in the most effective manner possible.
  7. When you're finished, go back through the essay and underline everything that isn't essential to the plot. Then you may want to think about removing this additional information.


You can also go online and search for essay writer by just searching for “how to write my essay” and you will get a list of writers to choose from. There you go with a detailed guide on narrative essays and how to structure personal experiences in narrative writing. Now that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge. So, it is time for you to grab your pen and start writing. Good luck!



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